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This website is a collection of my writing about love, sex, and health issues that accompany our human connections. I spend most of my time writing about what I can prove and publish, and you can find these publications here .  This website also has some of my other writing, which enjoy no authority, no peer review, and no selection by editors.

I am a champion of a collaborative bottom-up movement of healing from the AIDS epidemic, leading to a stronger, more intimate, more embracing community, living in vulnerability, belonging, and possibility, safe from HIV, and celebrating human connection and love.

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“Campos seeks funds for PrEP access” – Comments prepared by Robert Grant for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

“Campos seeks funds for PrEP access” – Comments prepared by Robert Grant for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors

I am Robert Grant, an Investigator at the Gladstone Institutes and Professor of Medicine at UCSF. I led some of the pivotal studies of pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP, leading to FDA approval in 2012 and CDC and WHO recommendations in May and June of 2014. We know that PREP works when taken, we know that people can take PREP consistently, especially in San Francisco. We also know that side effects of the medication are uncommon and readily managed. We also know of multiple indirect benefits of PREP: PREP motivates testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, PREP provides opportunities for vaccinations including human papilloma virus and hepatitis B, PREP engages HIV uninfected people in the struggle against this epidemic. The most powerful indirect benefit is personal: We see that PREP fosters a sense of safety that allows love to flourish between HIV infected and uninfected people. As we ponder what we should do with this new opportunity, I would like to reflect on my 30 years of work in HIV research and clinical care. As a public health graduate student in Berkeley and a medical student in San Francisco in the 1980’s, I was devastated by AIDS deaths of wonderful and beautiful people, and my having so little to offer. Every year we seemed closer to having some way of ending the horror – better diagnostics, better antiretrovirals, combinations that suppress viral load indefinitely, demonstration that such therapy blocks spread of infection to others, and now PrEP. I believe that we can end HIV transmission in San Francisco. This will require that we fully use what we know.... read more